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Here’s my new YouTube video it would be awsome if you could check it out!


1) thank you
2) it depends, if they don’t stop bleeding then they need stitches or it’s just common sense if they need stitches. you know you’re body better than anybody else!
lots of love x


Just a reminder that if you ever need adobe or just someone to talk to just kik me, wristhighips


Talk to someone about it. At the start of this school year I cried to my parents for 15 minutes everyday about how much I hated school, I was bullied. I went to school everyday and faced the facts, I told people about how much I hated school and now that I have I’m enjoying school a lot more!

Why does school make you nervous? Is there a reason?


I used to think that, when all my friends were getting into relationships and everyone around me was all lovey dovey with their partners. I used to feel like “what is wrong with me, what have I done to deserve this?” Then after a while you just learnt to live with it. And quite honestly I’m a lot happier now because I’ve realised how much of idiots boys can be sometimes. Yes I still get the occasional times when I’m like “why can’t I have someone to love me?” But not I’ve seen what people have to put up with I’m a relationship I’ve realised that I’m better off without one


I do understand where she is coming from its just different opinions I guess



Being skinny is my only goal in life

This post pisses me off. Skinny is not cute. 🔫🔫🔫

And your opinion is not valid, bye